Daily Wonder 12-29-14

Monday Meditation:
God of all Space and Time, view
we celebrate the explosion of your consciousness
that formed the stars, try the planets, unhealthy
the skies and oceans,
the plants and animals,
and every single human
on this precious, fragile planet.
The birth of the Christ child
reminds us that we are very physically
One with your consciousness,
formed from you.
The Christ reminds us that
we are more than physical.
We are metaphysical,
experiencing a briefly glorious moment of time
in an eternal lightness of being.
We praise you
and give thanks
for the opportunity to serve.
We pray that we don’t squander this gift of life.
Guide us through all our days, Lord.
Help us make decisions that reflect
your compassion,
your beauty,
and your love for all living things.
We confess that this physical existence distracts us.
We look around and see limited resources
rather than unlimited love.
We hoard,
rather than share.
We make decisions about people’s worth
based on the color of their skin,
the perceived and subjective beauty of their features,
and the amount of money in their checking accounts.
We judge,
all the time,
and we judge harshly,
even when we judge ourselves.
Forgive us, Tender One,
for our judgmental,
neurotic ways.
Change our hearts, dear God.
We give up and give in.
We give ourselves to your power.
Remind us from where we came.
Reminds us from whom we came.
Remind us we are all brothers and sisters.
Show us that the truth of this physical reality
is that it all began as a dream—
a thought,
an imperceptible moment
of conscious self-realization
as you exploded
in a life-giving bang of reality.
We pray that remembering and rediscovering this truth
will help us love each other more deeply,
respect each other more honestly,
and support each other more completely.
As our global economies collapse,
as the world reinvents itself,
as we once again find ourselves thrown into global wars
fought over false perceptions of difference,
lack, and limitation,
lead us out of the darkness.
Show us we are One,
through you,
with each other.
As the Christ child lit the way so many years ago,
ignite the Christ within us,
all your children,
so we too may light the way forward
out of this long night’s journey into day.
We pray for everyone around the world
suffering at the hands of evil people.
We pray for the loved ones in our families,
our congregations,
our mosques,
and our synagogues.
We pray for family members and friends
who are suffering from the effects of disease,
which torments us and our loved ones,
physically and spiritually.
Be with us now and forever,
God, who never deserts us,
God who cannot desert us,
for you are us,
and we are you,
infinite being created and recreated,
cleansed and nourished,
born from and ever returning to
the stuff of the stars.
We pray to you in the manner Jesus taught his disciples:
Our Creator,
who is everything,
honored be your name.
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
throughout our being,
as it is throughout the universe.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For you are the truth, the way and the light,

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