Daily Wonder 12-15-14

Monday Meditation:
Holy God of Love,
we lift our voices in song and praise to your glory.
We give thanks for the presence of the Christ,
God with us,
now and forever.

We are grateful for your unconditional love,
which transforms our lives
and energizes us
with the passion of Jesus.

We pray to know you more deeply, dearest Lord.
We pray to feel you in our lives,
lighting our way,
leading us to lives of faithful service, t
he way Jesus served,
and the way the Christ continues to serve
all humankind.

Help us to be a people who make a difference—
not only through our prayers,
our votes
and our hopes,
but also by our witness to the world.
Teach us to
treat others as we would be treated.

Keep us from depersonalizing those we
don’t know
and treating them as statistics.
Help us to remember that
person has feeling and hope
and no one is so foreign
that he or she deserves
to be forgotten.

We know we often fail
to live up to our human potential,
the potential Jesus exemplified
throughout his human life.
We are sometimes petty,
sometimes fearful;
sometimes greedy,
too often intolerant.

We pray
from the depths of our souls
to find within us
all the compassion that Jesus so freely shared
with everyone he ever met.
We pray you also grant us
the ability to share our compassion with others.

You are with us,
now and forever,
Holiest of all.
We pray that
your healing presence
will be with all those we love,
and with those we will never meet,
who suffer at the hands
of global injustice and oppression.

With all praise and adoration,
we ask these things in the name of the One
whose birth and rebirth
we celebrate and always
impatiently await,
Jesus Christ.

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