Daily Wonder 12-12-14

The Cave, look Part 4

Once ascended into the light, returning to people still living in darkness and convincing them their reality is but a shadow of reality, becomes a difficult, perhaps impossible sell. We have lived in darkness for so long that we refuse to believe there is anything else. Even when we accept there is a deeper reality, it takes a long time for us to adjust to the world beyond the shadows.

Jesus showed us that the power and capacity of knowing the truth exists within us already, and the process of becoming is not simply like turning over of a clamshell to reveal a pearl, but is rather the complete and utter turning around of a soul passing from a day which is little better than night, into the true day of being and always becoming the light itself.

The ascent into the light is difficult, and it’s easy to lose hope that we’re making any progress in a world that seems to relish darkness. Our world has a way of snuffing out the light of change. But hope is always in the advent of things to come. Hope is in the realization that God is quietly and persistently turning every single one of us into a beacon, and that one by one, we are leading each other out of the dark night of our soul, into God’s new, loving, peaceful, wise society.

The event horizon is coming, and once upon us, a united human race will begin to explore the heavens in earnest. We will develop technologies that feed, clothe, and house every man, woman and child. We will, finally, claim our birthright as children of light.

The End

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