Sr. Pastor Michael Junkroski
Reverend Michael Junkroski

Reverend Michael Junkroski is Senior Pastor of FCC Naples at The Current. Originally called to sub as pianist one Sunday, he was intrigued by the church’s understanding of Christianity’s Jewish heritage and its inclusive, modern ideas about God and Jesus. Pastor Michael began to play regularly with the Praise band and, a couple of years later, became a commissioned reverend in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Pastor Michael has been Senior Minister of the congregation for nearly six years and continues to push and pull at the edges of what it means to be “church,” with interactive services that include conversation and dialog.
Pastor Michael is fascinated by quantum physics, science, faith, spirituality, religion, history, politics, economics, sociology, the nature of reality, the multiverse, and the intricate interplay of these ideas in the formation of our spiritual self-image and our world. Pastor Michael brings a unique blend of life experiences and philosophies to the congregation and challenges us to join him in self-reflection on our relationship with God and each other.

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