Daily Devotional 07-18-11

Scripture: Wisdom of Solomon 12:16
“For your strength is the source of righteousness, and your sovereignty over all causes you to spare all.”

Thought for the Day: How many times have you thought, “Well, if I just buy this or that, I’ll be happy.” Or, “If I could only lose 10 pounds, I’d be happy,” or anything like that? Modern society is doing it’s best to substitute stuff for God. We’re being led to believe that products can fill an emptiness we feel, when really only God can fulfill such a deep desire. God is our strength and our Lord, and when we realize that strength and sovereignty within us, we are spared all the misguided intentions of the commercial era. I like my electronics as much as the next person, but they don’t make me happy. This community makes me happy. Seeing God work within each and every one of us, watching our journeys being guided together, feeling God’s love and presence amongst everyone of you, every time I see you, well, that’s happiness. That’s allowing God to be your source and sovereign.

Prayer: Holy lord of strength, God of love, may your presence be with me always as I attempt to live a life guided by your Spirit, a life that allows me to return the love I receive one hundred times over, a love that leads me to an authentic life lived for your glory.

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