On the Road to Assembly!

Tony, Luis, Kelly and I left Naples early this morning with a gaggle of our church youth. We drove to Chattanooga to have dinner with Bill and Carol Hobbs, who are both doing well. Bill goes in for knee surgery next week, so we will all keep him in our prayers. Carol is handling chemotherapy very well and was a bundle of energy and wit. It was great to see them both and share a meal. May God bless them both with health and happiness as they work through their ailments!

We’re spending the night at the Disciples of Christ church in downtown Chattanooga. What a wonderful facility! We’re all hunkered down in different rooms, the kids are watching a movie in one room while we take turns showering and preparing for a night of rest. They have an awesome, classic pipe organ here as well, complete with original wooden keys. It’s a beautiful instrument.

Tomorrow we’ll do a little sight-seeing around Chattanooga before heading to General Assembly in Nashville. I’ve already spoken to some of my LTS friends and we’re all excited to gather again in Nashville!

Thanks to God for keeping us safe through this journey, and thanks to Chuck at FCC Chattanooga for his extraordinary hospitality. See you all in Nashville!

–Submitted by Rev. Junk

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