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Intersect 4-10-17

Monday Meditation God of endless grace, thank you. Thank you for one more chance to get things right. One more chance to tell you “I love you” and hear you whisper, “I love you, too.” One more chance to seek forgiveness from people I’ve wronged, and from myself because sometimes, the worst bully I’ve ever…

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Intersect 4-5-17

This article first appeared in Intersect on April 4, 2016. I’ve revisited and updated some thoughts for today’s article. Seeking Golden Threads I’ve always found it useful to look for common threads weaving throughout the world’s religions. The intersection of ideas creates wisdom. At the very least, religious commonalities reveal that in our quest to understand…

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Intersect 4-3-17

Monday Meditation God of endless wonder and surprise, fill us with your joy! Excite our senses with the sights, sounds, tastes, and calming touch of your presence. We need to experience you, our Lord of resistance. How else can we overcome the blathering bullies trumpeting hate to an all-too-eager crowd of lost souls? Without you, where…

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