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Intersect 3-27-17

Living Psalms For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about The Book of Psalms. This Sunday, as part of our new conversational style of worship, everyone was asked to think about a subject (something like tremendous joy or unbearable anguish; an aspect of God’s nature; thanksgiving to or frustration with God, or whatever else came…

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Living in The Godstream

Living in the Godstream Throughout Lent, we’ve been talking about seeing through the darkness. We’ve been discussing the idea that we only see a piece of reality; that we’re trapped in a cocoon that causes us to see the world through a hazy, silky veil, and that by refocusing our minds and lives on God…

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Intersect 3-20-17

Monday Meditation God of graceful brilliance, adjust my eyes that I might better see you. Adjust my mind that I might better understand you. Adjust my hearing that I might better listen for you. Adjust my voice that I might only speak encouraging words of comfort. Adjust my frequency that I might always tune into…

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Intersect 3-13-17

Monday Meditation Infinite and infinitely loving God, we turn our hearts, minds, and souls to you, and beg you to remove the veils that prevent us from seeing the world, and each other, through your eyes. Remove the veil of fear, which causes us to build walls instead of bridges; which makes us tremble behind…

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