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Intersect 9-12-16

Monday Meditation There is a place called by many names: Shangri-La, Nirvana, Enlightenment, Transcendence, Heaven. And while people have searched for it since memories began, it does not exist at the top of an ancient mountain, or just beyond a hidden valley. Nirvana lives deep within our souls, and it is discovered not by traveling…

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Intersect 9-8-16

What a Magnificent Mess We’ve Made It seems to me that one of the major storylines weaving throughout the Bible is about just how often we human beings mess up. The book has even been assembled so that, pretty much as soon as humans enter the scene, we manage to screw up our perfect existence…

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Intersect 9-4-16

Monday Meditation Holy and Eternal God of endless and unrestricted affection, I want you to know that I am astonished by your presence.   When I stop to think about how deeply you have dived into my human being, I weep tears of joyful thanks. I lift my arms to the sun and let you…

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