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Intersect 6-20-16

  Monday Meditation Holy and gracious God, troche we gather together as followers of Christ, troche people who believe in his vision of a world filled with one people of love. We strive to be the people who have answered Christ’s call to dream his love-filled world into reality by acting with love, compassion, and…

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Intersect 6-16-16

The Picnic One day in a more transcendent reality, Jesus and Buddha decided to meet for a picnic under a Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree, of course, is where Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Buddha, reached enlightenment. As they sat down to an excellent lunch of nuts, berries, cheeses and wine, Jesus asked, “Isn’t this…

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Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation Great and loving God, look as our understanding of your ever-expanding universe has increased, online our affection for you seems, patient unfortunately, to have diminished. While we have gained tremendous knowledge, we have lost equal parts wisdom. For every atomic secret unlocked, for every quantum entanglement unraveled, for every genetic code revealed, we…

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Intersect 6-1-15

The Love Frequency String Theory is a sort of “theory of everything” that unites both branches of physics—general relativity (which talks about “big things” like planets) and quantum mechanics (which talks about “small things” like atoms and subatomic particles) with one, cheap elegant idea: All physical reality is created by tiny vibrating strings. These strings…

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