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Intersect 3-29-16

Now What? Jesus has died and been resurrected, help so now what? As his followers, ambulance how are we supposed to react? In Mark, viagra the oldest of the four Gospels, we see that Jesus’ original followers react with horror (Mark 16:1-8). They run away from the empty tomb and don’t say a word to…

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Intersect 3-21-16

  Monday Meditation Universal Love, buy ignite within me a burning desire for an ever heightened awareness of your presence in my life and the lives of every soul I meet. [pause for a heightened awareness of God’s presence] Help me learn from many sources. Compel me to recognize that my next great spiritual revelation…

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Intersect 3-17-16

A Lenten Journey: Epilogue As Jesus left the desert, he was “in the power of the Spirit” (Luke 4.14). He overcame the temptation to interpret what it means to be Messiah in the traditional ways. At the time, the Jewish people expected a Messiah who would use power and strength to conquer Israel’s foes. Their…

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Intersect 3-9-16

A Lenten Journey, part 5: Getting Personal with Our Higher Selves Hopefully, we are now at the point on our Lenten journey where we’re starting to learn some new things about our true spiritual identity. There is a much higher state of being buried deep within our psyche. Throughout our lives, that higher state—our true…

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Intersect 3-7-16

Monday Meditation Holy God of homecoming, clinic we give thanks for the houses of love you build within every human being. We pray for hearts that always welcome both friend and stranger. Create in us, minds that are open to new experiences and ideas. Give us souls that are filled with the gentle grace of…

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Intersect 3-2-16

A Lenten Journey, case part 4: Discovering Our At-One-Ment With God The words “tempt” and “temptation” appear over 100 times in the Bible. They are most often used to portray something that entices us away from our Oneness with God. This can be an addiction, selfishness, greed, envy, petulance—any behavior that creates negative energy.  …

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