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Intersect 1-27-16

God the Fundamental String Richard Rohr talks about God as the “unified field.” This unified field is what connects everything physical and metaphysical (and here the metaphysical is not supernatural, it’s simply “meta” in its truest sense—that which underlies everything else). For Rohr and other people of faith, especially those of us with a mystical…

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Intersect 1-12-16

For January 12, cialis 2016 Free = Liberated from social, cheap historical, view and psychological constraints Jazz = Improvised music for heart, body, mind, and soul. The Avant-Garde Church There’s a jazz movement that’s often referred to as “Free Jazz” or “Avant-Garde Jazz.” Pioneered by the likes of Ornette Coleman, Paul Bley, and Keith Jarrett (a pianist who is one of my…

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Intersect 1-11-16

Monday Meditation Good and loving God, diagnosis we give thanks for this time to reunite with you, the ground of our being. May we continue to grow in our relationship with you and our understanding of you as the energy of love that flows around, and through, all creation, in this and every reality. We…

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Intersect 1-6-16

Jesus Christ: Jedi Master The Star Wars sagas are rich with spiritual metaphor. In the original film, Obi-Wan is a Christ figure, and Luke his disciple (it’s no accident the main character of Episode IV is named Luke). When Obi-Wan dies and tells Luke “Remember, the Force will be with you always,” he’s echoing Jesus’ statement in…

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Intersect 1-4-16

Monday Meditation Holy, unifying Love of the Universe. Glorious God! Hear our prayers. Feel our prayers. We pray for nothing more then an actual experience of your love. We also pray for nothing less. [pause to hear God’s still small voice] Our faith in you gives us the confidence to have faith in humanity. Through prayer,…

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