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Intersect 10-14-15

Sharing The Temple Mount The Temple Mount in Jerusalem was originally the site of the First and Second Temples mentioned in the Bible. The Mount is now home to the Dome of the Rock, a magnificent Islamic Mosque. Unfortunately, the interior of the Mosque is as off-limits to non-Muslims as the original Holy of Holies…

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Intersect 10-13-15

Tear Down the Walls! Walls. We all run into them now and then. Perhaps we’ve even built one or two. Sometimes, when we’re running low on creative fuel, we might say we’ve “hit a brick wall.” If we’re being forced into an uncomfortable situation, we might feel like we “have our backs against a wall.”…

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Intersect 10-12-15

Monday Meditation Thank you, purchase Great Eternal Presence, cialis for blessing us with awareness of a deeper reality, cheap beyond the shallow noise of this artificially sweetened world. Holy God of all creation, feel our natural love for you, as we feel your love permeate the very fabric of our being. Help us experience the intimate…

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Intersect 10-5-15

Monday Meditation God of infinite love and grace, prescription we come to you ever thankful for your abundance of love, look for this place of worship, clinic and for this time of prayer. [pause for meditation] We appreciate that our faith binds us to each other, and to all which is holy. We realize that…

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