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Intersect 1-28-15

The Nature of Jesus, cialis sale part 2: The Jesus Stories Professor Larry Hurtado, troche an extremely well-respected historian and New testament language scholar, see has referred to the Gospels as “Jesus Books.” This is a great name for the stories written by Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, because it immediately puts them in their…

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Intersect 1-27-15

The Nature of Jesus, try part 1 One of the great debates within Christianity is the nature of Jesus Christ. Was he a human? Was he God incarnate? Was he both? Does it make any difference? Is it a question anyone cares about? Followers of and believers in Jesus have wracked their brains with these…

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Intersect 1-23-15

On Consciousness What is Consciousness and why does it exist? This question is what scientists and philosophers refer to as “The Hard Problem.” Humans have been pondering what it means “to be” seemingly since we developed written language—which means we likely started asking the question long before. Does consciousness set us apart from other animals?…

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Intersect 1-22-15

Becoming One, sovaldi sale part 1 In Jesus’ time, people separated God, in the heavenly realms (such as Mt. Olympus or the more general “heaven”), and humans, down here on earth. For them, God (or the gods) was an extraterrestrial superbeing who blessed or punished us, depending on which side of the bed God awoke…

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Intersect 1-21-15

Follow the leader, no rx part 3 Now that we understand the human propensity to deify great people, rx and we understand the context of Jesus’ ministry within a civilization in which the Emperor was called a son of God (which is the way people referred to the Caesars), we can see how Jesus went…

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Intersect 1-16-15

Into the mystic, part 4 My spiritual journey has probably been like many of yours. I was an inquisitive kid with an almost insatiable appetite for reading. I was and remain, skeptical of anything I am told is “absolute truth.” That phrase has me scrambling to do research faster than a firefighter runs to the…

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