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Intersect 5-24-17

Prisoners to Our Nature There’s a terrific show on AMC called “Into The Badlands.” It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and although the exact date is unknown, it’s obvious from the skeletons of interstate highway overpasses and the presence of cars that the show is based sometime after our current era—or perhaps in a…

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Intersect 5-22-17

Monday Meditation Gracious God, you who are all the wisdom and grace of existence, you create through and for relationship. Before we took this form, we were in perfect relationship with you. In this form, we seek perfect relationship with you. After this form expires, as all things do, we will once again unite in…

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The Everyman Diary

For the Week of May 8, 2017 The Everyman Diary Fragments from a diary dated to the time of the First Rip What follows is the official English translation of one of the most significant archaeological finds in history. Now referred to as “The Everyman Diary,” the text was overlooked for years. Discovered at a…

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