Fair Food Follow-Up
During our 9am Wired Word discussion yesterday, it was mentioned that a list of vendors supporting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) Fair Food Program initiatives would be useful. One of the ways we can help is by supporting vendors who have agreed to pay an extra penny per pound of produce. Perhaps more importantly, these vendors are also subject to oversight from a third-party workers’ rights organization.

The Fair Food program is a perfect example of The Sum of Small—the tremendous change that occurs one penny, one person at a time.

Here’s the Fair Food web page that lists partners:

This page has a great slideshow about the implementation of the program:

Ahold Delhaize is one of the largest food retail groups in the world. They are working with other food retailers to create a new, “sustainable retail” model that stocks shelves with locally-sourced goods rather than shipping product all over the country.

Their commitment to the CIW and their Fair Food Program is available in this PDF:

Yesterday, we also discussed the Publix response to the Fair Food Program and their contention that this is a labor dispute. Since Publix negotiates with thousands of vendors, they feel joining the Fair Food Program would set a dangerous and expensive precedent for them. Some of us saw the logic in this; many felt it a poor excuse.

Both the Fair Food partners link and Ahold PDF show that one of the ways vendors are supporting the program is by only purchasing from recognized, participating growers in good standing. To me, this indicates Publix could help by just agreeing to purchase from FFP Certified vendors. But hey, that’s just me.

Thank you all for a terrific two weeks of debate and discussion. I’m feeling more hopeful and better about my own small role in trying to make the world more loving and peaceful. I hope you are, too.

Meditation: God, grant me patience.

Intersect 1-16-17

Monday Meditation
God of mystery and majesty,
as you give voice to
the bittersweet melodies
of the bluebird on the window sill
and the haunting,
ancient songs of
the blue whale in the ocean depths,
I pray you also
give me voice.

Speak love through me.
Calm the anger that
bubbles uncontrollably within me
caused by a world
full of lies, half-truths, intentional misleading,
violence, and hatred of others
we are too dim-witted to understand
as ourselves,
too blind to see
as reflections of you.

Give us strength
in a world that is
unbearable to watch,
but to which we must witness
your unconditional love.

We confess
the current situation
has filled us with negativity.
Like Jeremiah,
and the other prophets of old,
we find ourselves lashing out,
warnings falling on deaf ears
as we overturn the tables in the temple
out of sheer frustration.

We pray, dear Lord,
that you transform
our negative energy
into positive action.

Make us instruments of your peace,
a mouthpiece for justice,
our entire being
a finely-tuned love song to you,
our souls singing
a glorious song composed by you,
a song that warms
even the coldest of hearts.

We pray today
not only for changes in our souls,
but also for your presence
in the lives of those we love dearly
and those struggling around the world
due to disease, violence,
natural disaster, oppression,
and slavery of all kinds.

In these days
when all seems
dark and hopeless,
remind us that Christ
is still alive in the world.
Pour the Christ Spirit on us,
healing us,
and encouraging us.
Show us that
in these darkest moments,
there is still a light of love,
and remind us that
we are that light.

We call ourselves Christians—
followers of Jesus the Christ.
As you anointed him with
the ability to be and see
unconditional love,
we beg you,
Eternal Holy One,
anoint us as well,
and we will do our best
to change the world
by first allowing you to change us.

We pray these things
in the name of
the limitless energy of love
we call Jesus Christ.