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Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, and part 4
Because we are multidimensional beings, drugstore I believe that every now and then we “consciousness jump” into a parallel reality. You’ve experienced this if you think about it long enough. Try to remember little moments in your life when everything just felt a little different, a little “off” from the previous day. This is not a good or bad thing. Don’t slip into the dualistic mindset of good and evil! We are multidimensional beings, so this sort of “reality slip” is part of who and what we are. If you stop to think about it long enough, you will remember moments when reality changed in such weird, little ways, you didn’t even notice at the time—but at some point in remembering the past, I suspect you’ve had a moment where you thought to yourself, “Huh. That was weird.”

I’m not talking about a change in perception. Hopefully, throughout our lives we grow and change. We should all be able to look back on our lives and see ourselves as different people now. Our perception of reality is based on a complex set of genetic and cultural interactions, on things that happened to us and things we did in our past. The way a farmer in Immokalee and a U.S. Congressperson perceive the world is different, but the reality of this particular space-time continuum is still the same. This reality has a finite and unchangeable set of rules—gravity, magnetism, electricity, and the mixture of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere are not a matter of perception, they are fixed by the rules of this reality. We can’t perceive the sky as red, because, unless something drastic happens to our atmosphere, the sky in this universe is blue. It is entirely possible there are parallel realities where the sky is red and there are sentient creatures there who are capable of existing in that environment. Our Earth in this particular space-time continuum is not one of those places. So our perception is based on the rules of physics in this world, in this particular reality—this unique space-time continuum.

Consciousness and Universal Consciousness are aspects of the being of God, which is unchanging and eternal. No matter how we perceive things, no matter our point of view, and no matter which of the infinite parallel realities we consciously exist in, everything that exists in this and every other possible reality is made from God. 

God is within us, as Jesus said, but even more than that, God is us. God is the birds in the sky and the birds and sky themselves; the clouds and their very fleeciness, as Joel Goldsmith once wrote. God is consciousness, and consciousness is everything.

Whether or not we as humans choose to become conscious of this truth is our spiritual work to accomplish. This concept—that humans have to participate in the work of conscious evolution, rankles some Christian traditionalists, who in the letters of Paul read the idea that we are helpless, sin-filled, worthless creatures whom only God can save. I doubt this is the point Paul was trying to make, since he was a person who HAD a consciousness-jumping experience, one that blinded him and completely changed not his perception of reality, but the very reality he existed in. Once he was blind, but suddenly he could see—the truth, that we are multidimensional beings who, like Jesus, can transcend everything about this limited physical world we perceive as finite, but is in truth infinite.

We are multidimensional beings, but we only consciously experience one dimension and one reality at a time. This has huge implications for the way we think about God, and even greater implications for the way we think about death. If we are somehow made from the Infinite, then death is just a change in our infinite state of being. We are physical beings in this reality, in this space-time continuum, but that physical nature is created from the consciousness of God, which can never be destroyed. We are made from eternal stuff. When we die, our eternal nature—our consciousness simply jumps into some other space-time continuum. In this way, we never die the way we have been taught to think about death. The end of this physical reality is not the end of our consciousness. Rather, our state of being simply changes, the way boiling water changes to steam. Steam and water are essentially the same thing, just in different states. This is, in my opinion, a healthier and more realistic way for us to think about death. It is the transition from one state of consciousness to another.

We can see the ancients wrestling with this very idea in stories about the transfiguration of Jesus (and the resurrection), Paul’s awakening experience, the men walking on the road to Emmaus, the concept of the Holy Spirit, Moses’ experience with the burning bush, Buddha’s state of nirvana, the Shintoist concept of everything in nature being derived from and containing spirit, and the list goes on and on. Study any religion or philosophical system and you will discover they all have a theme that suggests we are more than what we can taste, touch, hear, see and smell. We are infinite creatures experiencing different states of conscious awareness, one at a time.

We have all died a thousand and one deaths, and we will all die a thousand and one more. But death is only the beginning of a new reality, a new manifestation of God’s being, a new way for the Universal Mind to experience the physicality of reality in this and every dimension, to infinity and beyond.

Furthermore, since we are all made manifest from the One Universal Substance of Being, from the very stuff of God, in a very real way we are always and forever connected to each other through the very stuff of our being—through God, another concept Paul correctly intuited. We will all always be together in some form or another, connected by, to, and made manifest from the loving, infinite energy of the Universal Consciousness we call God.

Meditation: From God, through God, to God, are all things.

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Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, part 3
Our entire universe may be a hologram in a seemingly infinite number of parallel realities. What does this idea do to our concept of living physically here and now? If there are parallel realities, then this existence that we are currently experiencing is just one of an infinite number of possibilities. The implication is even greater than that, though: Whatever can happen is happening in some parallel construct. Here, I am a musician. There, I am a construction worker. Here, I am a male. There, I am a female. Somewhere else, I am neither. Everything is not only possible, everything is happening. It’s just a matter of conscious awareness, and once we begin to tap into that conscious awareness, the way we relate to other people here and now changes forever. WE cannot help but be transformed into more accepting, more loving, more open-minded creatures, because we have begun to understand that everything we think we are, and everything we think someone else is, is just a matter of perception. There is another reality where everything is different, and we are connected to that reality. We’re just not consciously experiencing it—yet.

If we begin to think of consciousness as the main string tying both the invisible and visible universes together, we get a new, more elegant way to think about dimensional reality—and our relationship to God, the Infinite Energy that is all creation, including our physical being on any plane of existence. Once consciousness becomes part of the dimensional spacetime equation, all the “spooky action at a distance,” all the math that creates endless dimensions, all the ideas about flat, gravity-free holograms begins to make more sense. Infinite Consciousness is the key to understanding the universe—the missing element from the theories of everything that have eluded everyone from Einstein to Hawking; the missing language from spirituality and religion.

Importantly, if consciousness is the underlying string that ties everything together, then it is consciousness that is the ultimate reason we are entangled beings. At the level of energy that is ultimately creating everything (remember the table example some weeks ago? Fundamentally, everything that appears solid is really just energy), we are quite literally many aspects of one energy source. Everything is connected in a way we are only beginning to understand, but the implication is enormous and has the potential to change our existence completely.

Awareness of consciousness as the Infinite String entangles us with God—with the Fundamental Energy of the Universe, in a way that is so intimate we are only beginning to create (and use) the vocabulary we need to describe it. It’s a very exciting moment. We have the opportunity to describe God and our relationship to Infinite Love with modern language, modern metaphors, and modern science.

We are all part of the incredible, loving, life-changing, consciousness-changing, multiple-reality transcending energy of God. Ultimately, it’s that realization of Oneness that leads us lovingly and forever into each other’s arms.

Meditation: Make me consciously aware of my connection to everyone and everything, in this and every reality.

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Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, rx part 2
Because the particles that form us exhibit quantum entanglement, sildenafil and quantum entanglement is likely a result of parallel realities interacting, prostate it stands to reason that humans are multi-dimensional beings. We’ve always known this on a basic level. We exist in a standard Euclidean geometric space (the x, y, and we are all familiar with). After Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Minkowski created a more accurate mathematical model to describe our reality, adding time to our x, y and coordinates. Since time is also considered a dimension, at the most basic level we are four-dimensional beings.

However, we now understand there are even more dimensions, perhaps an infinite number of dimensions. String theorists have already worked out a nine-dimensional model that implies parallel universes. I believe that ultimately, scientists will come to the inevitable conclusion that there are an infinite number of dimensions and an infinite number of realities, and that even though humans are these large-scale physical creatures, we are involved in and affected by every single infinite reality in some way. We are infinite beings, connected at the core of what it means to exist. We are connected by consciousness.

This connection is why some of us feel deeply troubled by the abuse of our friends in Immokalee or workers at a high tech plant in China. Quantum entanglement—perhaps we should call it quantum consciousness, because it involves a higher awareness of our entanglement, is why we feel empathy for textile workers at a dangerous Nike plant in Indonesia. Quantum consciousness is why we weep when people are beheaded, mosques are bombed, and synagogues become sites of mass murder.

We are an entangled species, but we are just beginning to understand this, and it makes some people nervous. When we are awakened—like Moses, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Gandhi, etc., we are compelled to help others wake up too. That throws the established systems out of balance, and causes some people to react violently. Yet, the truth is undeniable. Any person of faith, regardless of what we call our faith, has been exposed to the idea that there is so much more to being human than simply enslaving each other for profit.

As macro beings created from quantum stuff, we are connected to everything that exists in this universe, and in every reality parallel to this one. We are the substance of consciousness, and like matter, consciousness is neither created nor destroyed. This has deep implications for our concept of life and afterlife. This has a profound effect on the way we treat each other and create governments here and now.

Quantum consciousness is what compelled Jesus to preach the kingdom of God within. It’s why he insists there is a new social order coming. He was conscious of his multi-dimensional existence. He felt his connection to everyone and everything, and called the fundamental string God. The people that later wrote stories about him also understood and felt what Jesus was talking about, and used the best language at their disposal to try to describe life as multidimensional beings.

Go back and read any of the stories in the Second Testament. Read them with the idea that these people were trying their best to describe what it’s like to understand we are multidimensional creatures in a multidimensional universe. What happens to the resurrection story when you realize humans are infinite? What happens to the parables about mustard seeds when you realize humans are awakening to a higher state of consciousness? How do we understand Jesus’ ability to completely sacrifice himself for the good of others if we look at him as a being who understood our quantum connectedness, even if he couldn’t describe it that way?

How do you explain to people with no concept of quantum physics that they are not separate beings, but are, in fact, One substance with many permutations? The parables of the Good Samaritan and The Woman at the Well might be a good way to start.

The implications of modern quantum physics are profound. Science is giving us new language to describe what it means to be, and leading us to the inevitable conclusion that infinite consciousness is the key to understanding what we are, and how to live together more peacefully.

Meditation: I AM one with all being. I AM one with all being. I AM one with all being.

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Quantum Connections and the Infinite Eternal, shop part 1
We are not alone. We are part of a vast, ed interconnected system. There is no individual action that does not in some way affect the entire system and the other beings participating in the system.

For example, sick when we purchase a banana at the store, it is the end of a chain of events that began with the planting of a banana tree. It is also the beginning of a new chain of events that will affect everything from the number of bananas produced, to the salary paid to someone harvesting bananas. This is interconnection on a macro scale: the very large scale in which we exist.

This macro connection is a reflection of the interconnection occurring in the quantum world, the unfathomably small scale that interacts to create all our macro stuff. When we look at the way particles exist at the quantum level, we can begin to get a feel for the way we are all interconnected at the macro level. In fact, the idea of quantum entanglement could profoundly change the way we think about what it means to exist in this or any reality. Ultimately, our understanding of quantum entanglement should change our perception of reality altogether.

The basic idea is that some particles become entangled in such as way that they can no longer be considered separate. Furthermore, whatever happens to one particle will happen to the other, even though vast distances might separate the two particles. This phenomenon freaked Einstein out, and he concluded that there simply must be something wrong with quantum theory. He famously called the effect “spooky action at a distance.” The idea that changing the spin of a particle in Austin could affect an entangled particle in Zurich was absurd to him. Yet, experiment after experiment has proven that indeed, the particles that form all large-scale matter are in fact often entangled with other particles across the globe. These experiments have been performed on a variety of particles, and even with multi-particle objects the size of small diamonds.

So, there are billions and billions of entangled particles creating every human being. In an extremely intrinsic way, we are connected with each other. In a profound way, the things we do to ourselves affect others across the globe. We often use interconnection as a macroeconomic ideal for fair trade, and this is a massively important idea. Too many people around the world are abused by corporate greed. Our friends in Immokalee are examples of what happens when our interconnection is ignored for the economic benefit of a few. Yet, the idea we are entangled at a sub molecular level is more than a socioeconomic ideal.

I think the idea of quantum entanglement is what the ancients were trying to describe when they spoke of God as the breath of all things. Every atom of our body is forever entangled with the substance of God. Our responsibility to each other and our planet, all the issues we read our ancestors wrestling with in the Bible and other ancient texts, become even more important and life-changing once we realize we’re more than responsible for each other. We are each other. Jesus said, “One day you will realize that I am in God, and you are in me, and I am in you” (John 14:20).

This single, profound realization should help us all live and act more consciously aware of our connection to God, and through that God-connection with each other. And once we begin to realize that eternal connection, hopefully we begin to tread more lightly, more gently, and more lovingly in this massively small world.

Meditation: Awaken me to my deep spiritual connection to all existence, and to You, the Quantum Fundamental that ties us all together. Amen.

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Monday Meditation
God of all being, treatment
Help me realize that I am not alone.
I am part of all You are.
You are everything I am.

We are forever bound together, no rx
as inseparable as the stars from the sky, salve
and every bit as infinite.

I pledge my life to You, Infinite One.
Love the world through my heart.
Serve the suffering through my hands.
Proclaim justice through my voice.
Make me a spiritual light
for others also awakening to
their Oneness with all Creation.

Give us the strength to persevere
in times of trouble,
and the insight to understand that
we are all forever bound together,
one substance,
formed from and through
the One God of all being.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ,
in whom we see humanity
and our infinite covenant
fully revealed.

Intersect 2-17-15

Discovering the Love Within
Humans are seekers. Our curiosity has driven us out of the caves and into the stars. That curiosity, try coupled with our keen powers of observation, search helped a nomadic woman invent farming. Realizing some of the wheat seeds she dropped on the ground were sprouting into new plants, sales she watered and nurtured them until she had the world’s first intentional crop. Eventually, her tribe stopped wandering from food source to food source and settled down, paving the way for modern civilization. From there it was a few short steps to masonry and metalworking, to pyramids and empires. Once we began planting roots, there was time for art, music, literature and philosophy. There was time to simply ponder the great mysteries of being that we still wrestle with today: Why are we here? Is there any meaning to life? Is there anything in control of our world? How is the universe constructed? What happens when we die? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Are we finite or infinite beings?

I believe we have always sensed there is more going on in the universe (and in ourselves) than we can see, hear, taste, touch or smell. There is extrasensory stuff going on, and this has been proven by the discovery of things like quarks, muons, and antimatter. We can’t really “see” or touch these things (at least, not without special equipment), but we know they are there, and they are the building blocks of everything material—including you and me. Scientists are constantly learning new things about the invisible universe that underlies the visible universe. The unquantifiable is intrinsically part of the quantifiable.

Our spiritual quest has followed a similar trajectory. The problem with a spiritual journey though, especially for postmoderns and the oft-talked-about millennials, is that there is no scientific method to spirituality. You can’t perform experiments and have them repeated to prove their truth. Or can you?

Think about it for a minute: Every great spiritual text ever written has some common ground. Every great spiritual mystic describes their transcendental experience using similar language. Augustine and John Spong may disagree about interpretive details, Buddha and Lao Tze may disagree about nomenclature, Jesus and Moses may disagree about the politics and method of revolution. But underlying every spiritual philosophy is the idea that somehow, humans have the ability to transcend—to transfigure, if you will.

Every religion began as a small spiritual movement. Buddha attracted disciples by helping them learn to reach nirvana—an extremely heightened state of consciousness. Jesus attracted followers by teaching them that God is not an external being meting out rewards and punishments, but rather the very essence of who they are. Jesus teaches that concentrating on a personal relationship with God leads us to a higher state of consciousness. Mohammed teaches that focusing on God through intensive practices such as intentional prayer and meditation leads us to… higher consciousness. The ancient Japanese Shintoist tradition is about existing on a higher level of consciousness that recognizes and respects the divine nature of everything.

We can observe the love that blossoms from God when the seed of spirituality is planted within and allowed to grow—just like that first grain of wheat tens of thousands of years ago. We are the result of a spiritual evolution that is constantly changing us into more loving, more spiritually aware beings. Like the germ of an idea or the seedling of a plant, our spiritual health also needs to be watered and fed by constant study, questioning, and attention to the divine love that permeates the universe.

Meditation: Nourish my soul, challenge my mind, and enlighten my spirit, my God, my Divine Universal Energy, my Love that is and transcends all love. Amen.

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, click Part 3
Often, here we undertake our search for love out of fear. We’re afraid to be alone, sovaldi to die alone, to be alone with our thoughts. We’re afraid of people, because we’ve been taught to distrust everyone. Entertainment reinforces the notion that everyone is out to get us. Business people and politicians are portrayed as ruthless, power hungry jerks who will stomp on everyone on their way to the top of whatever heap they’re climbing. We’re seldom reminded that climbing to the top of the heap still leaves us at the top of a heap—a smoking, smoldering, steaming, stinking pile of heap.
I think our popular media shows a disproportionate amount of the worst of us. If aliens are watching our broadcasts, they’re probably staying as far away from us as possible. We are spreading our fear throughout the universe, like a plague. Discontent with destroying our planet because we’re too afraid of each other to share, we send electronic signals throughout the Milky Way, so the first impression another civilization will have of us is as a species that will shoot first and ask questions later. Worse, we might come and invade their planet, wipe them all out, and claim its resources for ourselves. Too bad the Native Americans didn’t have television before the Europeans arrived on the shores of the “New” world (which of course was only “new” from the European perspective).
But I digress.
There is only one way to overcome fear, and our idiotic idea that power, money and stuff can eliminate fear from our lives. We must concentrate on our spiritual evolution. We must consciously begin to think about what we are in a very different way. We’re more than meatbags. We are advanced beings of love, and as such we have everything we ever need or ever will need. It’s already been provided; we’re just too possessed by fear to see the abundance that’s all around us. We’re too blinded by fear to see that we are all human beings, all deserving of love, all capable of giving love. Fear is destroying our planet and our species.
As we make spiritual progress, we begin to realize that this constant desire and grab for money and power is an attempt to fill a primeval longing for love. Rich or poor, we long to feel comfort and security. We mistakenly think comfort and security come from wealth and power. That is a fear-fueled lie. The simple act of sharing bread with our neighbor brings more comfort and security than all the (stolen) money on Wall Street. Love conquers our fear of lack and limitation. Love prevents us from stealing what is not ours. Love helps us realize none of this is ours.
There is no fear in love (1 John 4:18). In fact, the perfect love we experience when we begin to sense our Oneness with the Universal Consciousness that is God drives away all fear. Our intimate union with God is the only experience that can fill our ancient sense of longing, bringing us contentment and peace, once and for all.

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, ask Part 2

I am worthy of God’s love because I AM God’s love.

Relationship specialists tell us that we can’t love another person until we first love ourselves. Most of us find this difficult to do, especially if we are leading the sort of intense, self-reflective life required of spiritual journeyers. Yet, part of our journey—perhaps even the ultimate goal of our journey, is to realize Oneness with God. Even intellectually, if we perceive ourselves as part of the Infinite Energy of the Universe, then we have an incredible, eternal love deep within our being. In fact, that eternal love is our being.

I am worthy of love because I AM love.

Yet, rather than thinking about infinite, eternal love as something real—something more than an intellectual ideal, we spend our days, nights, months and years looking for things to fill the gaping internal emptiness we so often feel. We look for cards, flowers and chocolates to make us feel complete. We buy new stuff and more stuff and fill our closets, but neglect our souls. We go searching for a physical encounter that momentarily satisfies us, but ultimately leaves us once again wanting—love, whose fleeting embrace is a figment of our imaginations, when we only imagine love can be given to us by another.

Our quest for love must begin and end within. It is not a selfish love, for love abhors selfishness. In fact, the key to loving ourselves is first admitting we are not our selves, but we are the physical being of an ancient, infinite, eternal force: Love. Like anything worthwhile, our search for true love, the love of God, takes time and patience. But once the recognition of Oneness “clicks” within us, suddenly a lasting partnership with another person becomes more viable—because in others we now see not only ourselves, but God. By realizing we are connected to God, we then realize we are connected to others. So romantic love follows Infinite Love, in a balletic dance between spirit and flesh that eventually encourages the whole world to dance to the love songs of God, and ultimately recognize that there is no spirit and no flesh, but only One.

Meditation: I am worthy of love because I AM love. Amen.