Welcome to FCC

Who is FCC Naples?

We are a dynamic congregation taking bold steps in our desire to remain faithful to the life and teachings of Jesus. We don’t simply believe in Jesus, we believe Jesus–what he had to say about the way we live our lives, about the way we treat each other, about the social, political and economic structure of societies, and about our intimate and eternal relationship with God.

We have moved out of a traditional church building, and every Sunday we transform a ballet studio into a magnificent worship space. Our ministry has become less about the maintenance of a structure and more about embodying a message of kindness, compassion and justice. We believe God’s message of love can be found all around us, and our worship service often uses popular movie clips, news stories, and music to help convey Jesus’ message that we are one with each other and God.

Our Sunday morning worship (currently meeting at Etudes de Ballet, 3285 Pine Ridge Road, at 10:00am) is about preparing ourselves to better follow in the ways of the Christ. Join us!

Here’s a word cloud we recently made to help us describe our unique church:

    First Christian Church is a community that identifies itself with the life exemplified by Jesus:

  • Fearlessly Loving: A life lived recklessly for the sake of the other.
  • Boldly Seeking: A life unafraid of asking questions that have no easy answers.
  • Fundamentally Inclusive: A life that celebrates the rich diversity of creation.

First Christian Church - FaithStreet A religious organization focused on helping individuals find their personal path to higher enlightenment.  

First Christian Church
Worship on Sundays at 10 a.m. at Etudes de Ballet (3285 Pine Ridge Road)
Office at 1660 Trade Center Way, Suite 5  Naples, FL 34109