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What is The Current? Who is FCC Naples?

The Current is a loving, learning community. While much of our focus is on Jesus as our spiritual Rabbi, we welcome all faiths and questions here. We understand that a journey toward wholeness with God and each other requires constant self-reflection and study from a wide variety of disciplines, both religious and secular. It’s our sincere hope that your experience with us will provide nourishment for your spiritual trek.

FCC Naples (Disicples of Christ) is a member church of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a progressive, social-justice oriented Protestant church. For more information on the DOC, please visit

At The Current, we strive to offer many different ways to discover and connect to a higher way of being human. We agree Jesus is a model of the perfect human/divine connection (as are Buddha, Lao-Tze and others). We see these masters as teachers and examples of the interconnection of all things through divine consciousness.

Some of our programs include:

  • Food Angels on Saturday mornings @10:30am: Donate to or serve in our food bank, delivering hundreds of meals to food-at-risk families every week.
  • Intersect Study Sunday mornings at 9am: Explore current events through the lens of infinite love that is our birthright.
  • God Connect service on Sunday mornings @10am: Music, meditation, prayer and discussion intended to help us connect to our higher, true selves.
  • And a variety of other studies, book clubs and music events throughout the week.

While we honor our Christian heritage, The Current has a distinctly 21st Century personality. Our style’s a bit more fluid. An eclectic mix of music encourages us to think about the secular in sacred ways. We cherish moments of silence, leaving space for God’s loving whispers. We encourage questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, and spirituality in general. We find answers at the intersection of faith and science by keeping open hearts and open minds.

Communion is central to our belief and is served every Sunday at the 10am God Connect service. That’s because this inexplicable force we call “God” has always been about community—and what better way to create community than to sit around the table together, breaking bread and sharing stories and ideas?  We hope you find warmth, inspiration, and new ways to experience the living Godhead within us when you visit The Current.

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At FCC Naples/The Current, we celebrate every person as a child of God, and welcome humanity in its rich tapestry of color, economic circumstance, sexual orientation, age, gender-identification, ability and thought. All means all, here. Please join us.

FCC Naples is a religious organization focused on helping individuals find their personal path to enlightenment.  

God Connect

At The Current, connecting with God (or Universal Mind, Infinite Energy, whatever your name for the connective tissue of existence) is the central purpose of our Sunday 10am gathering. Every week, individuals experience God anew through a living and transformative experience.

Our services utilize music, lessons, scripture (both biblical and extra-biblical), lots of discussion, prayer, meditation and silence. This is a safe space to work through what we believe or not. People who attend FCC Naples (Disicples of Christ) at The Current practice being citizens of an interconnected world. It is through understanding our interconnectedness that true peace–both personal and global–occurs.

We are an open and affirming community, and everyone, without exception, is invited to share in the full experience of God Connect.


We Celebrate God’s Activity In and Through Us Every Sunday @10am.
Please join us for a discussion about current events seen through the lens of God’s love @9am.

The Current, 13510 N. Tamiami Trail, #6
Naples, FL 34110
Phone: 239.529.3977


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Reverend Michael Junkroski, Sr. Pastor
Reverend Michael Junkroski is Senior Pastor of FCC Naples at The Current. Originally called to sub as pianist one Sunday, he was intrigued by the church’s understanding of Christianity’s Jewish heritage and its inclusive, modern ideas about God and Jesus. Pastor Michael began to play regularly with the Praise band and, a couple of years later, became a commissioned reverend in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He holds a B.S. in Telecommunications from the University of Utah and an M.Div from Lexington Theological Seminary.

The Current: FCC Naples continues to push and pull at the edges of what it means to be “church,” with interactive services that encourage conversation and dialog. We don’t tell you what to believe, we ask you to join us in considering what we believe and why.

Pastor Michael is fascinated by quantum physics, science, faith, spirituality, religion, history, politics, economics, sociology, how ideas and documents become “sacred,” the nature of reality, the multiverse, and the intricate interplay of these ideas in the formation of our spiritual self-image and our world. Pastor Michael brings a unique blend of life experiences and philosophies to the congregation and challenges us to join him in self-reflection on our relationship with God and each other, all with universal love as our ultimate goal. He has been Sr. Pastor of the ministries of The Current for seven years.


Dara Albert, Food Angels Director
Dara Albert is passionate about feeding people well.

With a background in healthcare, and having come from a place of once needing the services of a food pantry, she holds sacred the standard of nourishing all who come to her, with dignity, without question or exception, and working to acknowledge and lift up the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

She is a believer in food rescue, with this activity forming the backbone of her pantry stock philosophy.  She is dedicated to working with other area organizations and believes that partnering with others is critical to our region’s success.  In addition to the food pantries she has opened, she also started weekend backpack programs which together feed 3,240 children every weekend all school year long in 7 Florida counties.  Meticulous in calorie counts, relentless in quality standards and consistently seeking to improve organization and logistics, Dara does all of this with a large smile and a friendly invitation to help her feed.

Her approach to nourishment and dignity is so loved by her clients that they return to form the core of her volunteer team week after week.  As The Current’s main outreach program, Food Angels offers an opportunity to experience God’s loving interconnection of all people and the flow of God’s love in a very powerful ways.

We can always use Food Angels, so if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Dara.